Roser Blues - Blues Women

Our Board member Roser Infiesta and her husband Vicente Zumel have been preparing a lecture on female Blues Singers of ’20 and ’30. Vicente took care of the pictures and music that illustrated the lecture given by Roser.

This lecture was one of a series of lectures organized during the Wednesdays of July and September by Barcelona Blues Society and Tecla Sala Library.

Roser from EBU Board in Conference

The one prepared by Roser was “Sociological Aspects of the Life of Female Blues Singers of the 20’s and 30’s” and was about the lives of female 20’s and 30’s classic blues singers and in general Afroamerican women of that time, explained from the lyrics of the songs they performed including examples of the song lyrics. The lecture was illustrated with some photos and songs.

The act also included a short music show with Miriam Aparicio on piano and vocals, Memi Sillah on trumpet and voice and Matías Miguez on bass performing some songs coming from some of the women I spoke about.



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