The venue where we will enjoy the EBC 2014 on April 11 and 12 in Riga is:


The modern Cultural Centre is getting popular due to post-industrial style and social events organization with appropriative location in city centre.The fabric’s room is comfortable place for central events with floor-space more than thousand square metres and it also has extra rooms.

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Lacplesa iela 101, Riga LV-1011, Latvia


The venue is located within a walking distance from Tallink Hotel. It features a balcony, which will be a VIP zone, public area and backstage premises. There is a wardrobe, two bars, WC, and a smoking zone outside the venue. The bars offer beer, wine, liquors, cocktails and soft drinks as well as snacks, sandwiches and grilled food. EBU members will get a 10% discount.

Security / Access
The venue will be divided in the following zones:
  • General/public access includes the main hall, bars, WC, smoking zone.
  • VIP zone (balcony): Access only for EBU Active members, judges, sponsors, artists by appointment only, authorized promoters’ staff.
  • Backstage: Access for EBU Board members, artists, accredited media, authorized promoters’ staff.
  • Production office: Access for EBU Board members, authorized promoters’ staff.
  • Dressing rooms (including WC and shower): Artists (will rotate according to stage time, because there are only five dressing rooms).
  • Catering hall: Access for EBU Board members, artists, accredited media, authorized promoters’ staff.
  • Media booth (well-lit): For interviews, hi-res photography, etc promo activities.
Applications for media accreditations will start on 1 February. All zones are secured areas, with security personnel. Access will be determined by wristbands in different colours/shapes.
There will be 18 bands from 18 countries.
Showtime is 20:00 sharp.