Sixth BBS Awards (2020 and 2021) – On-line Delivery Ceremony, 2021   And the winners were:   Dublin City FM recently celebrated 25 years of broadcasting in Dublin. During all these 25 years, the winner in Media category has conducted and directed his show “The Blues Train” on Sunday night from 10 pm to midnight without a single break. All shades and styles of blues are featured on The Blues Train, as it makes its way from the Mississippi Delta to Chicago and various other hotbeds of blues in the U.S.A., Ireland and Europe. He has also been recognized with a certificate by Nuala Carey, formerly with Dublin City FM and now with the national broadcaster RTE, for his 25 years of service with the station to promote the blues, the winner in MEDIA CATEGORY was CHARLIE HUSSEY, The Blues Train, Dublin City FM (Ireland)   Founder and ‘boss’ of “On The Road Again”, the foremost tour organiser and management company in France for blues, soul and Afro-American artists, with a roster that includes the cream of French, European, Scandinavian and American artists, this company is recognized and appreciated by artists, festivals and venues organizers. Ready to facilitate individual events or put together national or international tours, as well as giving all the support and logistical requirements making sure artists are well looked after, always going an extra mile to try to help. For the passion, loyalty and hardworking determination for the artists who work with “On The Road Again Management”, the winner in PRODUCTION category was AURÉLIE ROQUET, On The Road Again, France.   After running for 15 years a blues bar in a town where people didn’t ever know how to spell the word Blues, a bar where about 500 bands or solo artists came to play, the idea to create a Blues Festival started, especially after Parma meeting where the basis of the future European Blues Union where discussed. In 2009 took place the first edition of Sierre Blues Festival with the goal to present Blues Stars and Beginner Artists from around the world, if possible, with one third American/Canadian/Australian/African artists, one third European ones and one third Swiss musicians. Since the beginning he led the festival with a fantastic board. His restless mind made him to create the Swiss Blues Challenge to support the organization of the European Blues Challenge. Also, he focused in bringing together all blues people in Switzerland by the creation of the Swiss Blues Society he is now president. For the amazing tenacious work to develop and keep the blues alive in Switzerland, the winner in PROMOTION category was SILVIO CALDELARI, Sierre Blues Festival (Switzerland)