Austria (AT):

Kutscher’s Blues Band

Kutscher’s Blues Band succeed in blending the rock-spirit of the 1960s and 1970s with sounds that Rage Against The Machine, Muse or Mando Diao are famous for. That’s why the band’s music attracts both fans of the blues-rock genre and lovers of classic-rock and pop-acts. Virtuosic guitar riffs go hand in hand with marvellous song writing and gorgeous lyrics. The band manages to tear down the walls between different genres of music, typical elements of blues-rock mingle with elements of classic-and alternative-rock. Kutscher’s Blues Band is already a popular part of the Viennese (blues-) rock-scene. In 2016, they played a big show at the “Donauinselfest“ (one of Europe’s major music open air-festivals) or as support band for Ryan McGarvey at the Vienna Blues Spring. In 2017, they acted as opener of the first Rory Gallagher Tribute Festival Vienna and as support for Rob Tognoni. They released their album “The KE Sessions” on 13 October 2017.

Band Lineup:

  • Stephan Kutscher, guitar/vocals
  • Consti Hoeffinger, bass
  • Reinhard Hoebart, drums

Belgium (BE):

Ed And The Gators

This is an all-round great blues band. A concert of these guys takes you through the history of the Blues. Besides this they perform a number of covers in their own style and arrangement and they also have written many original songs. Their set takes you from raw Chicago Blues thru West-Coast Swing to funky New-Orleans stuff varied with a more heavy Texan Shuffle and older Country Blues. Their motto: “you name it, they play it”. All of this is brought you by four established musicians who have honed their craft over the years with various bands. Together they have found the magic.

Band lineup:

  • Ed De Smul: Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar
  • Arne Demets: Guitar
  • Stefan Boret: Bass
  • Johan Guidee: Drums

Czech Republic (CZ):

Dobre Rano Blues Band

Dobre Rano Blues Band (Good morning blues band) is a Czech-American trio which plays acoustic blues which has its origin by the Mississippi river. The band was formed in 2012. Currently DRBB features Brynn Stephens from California, singer and harmonica’s player, then Vít Kopecký who plays the 12 strings acoustic guitar and Vladislav Sosna, drummer and washboard player. Dobre Rano Blues Band regularly plays at music festivals and clubs across Europe and so far they have played more than 800 concerts. In the past they played on a tour with American guitar player Alex Schultz and Crazy Hambones band. The band cooperates with Galén publishing and has recorded three albums (Live, Bluesgrass, Blues Before Breakfast) which have received high praise from professional critics and public. Their concerts are known for their show full of energy, playfulness and awesome instrumentals performances.

Band Lineup:

  • Brynn Stephens, harmonica, vocals
  • Vít Kopecký, 12 strings acoustic guitar
  • Vladislav Sosna, drums and washboard

Denmark (DK):

Fried Okra Band

The music of Fried Okra might be called alternative blues. Originally Fried Okra was very much inspired by the Hill Country blues of the North Mississippi. The first album This is Your Chance France, Baby! both featured traditional covers and songs of the Hill country bluesmen like RL Burnside, Kenny Brown or Robert Belfour. Today Fried Okra’s repertoire is all original. The sound still has some Mississippi vibe in it but there’s a lot of Copenhagen there too. The idea is still to keep it simple. In 2016, Fried Okra changed to the current set-up of a guitar-bass-and drums-trio adding the one string diddley bo on the side.

Band Lineup

  • Morten Lunn, guitar, diddley bo, lead vocals
  • Thomas Crawfurd, drums, percussion, second vocals
  • Anders Wallin, bass, second vocals

Estonia (EE):

Tammepõld, Roots & Kadakas

 By chance, the first time that Tammepõld, Roots & Kadakas played together as a trio was at the Estonian Blues Challenge; they won both the overall competition and the Best Guitarist prize for Roots. But then both Tammepõld and Kadakas have worked with Roots before, with the combination of Anneli’s drums and Andres’ guitar dating back all the way to 1996. A popular solo artist, Mikk Tammepõld is best known to blues fans as the front man of Dramamama, while Anneli Kadakas has made her reputation working with top bands as varied as Rock Hotel and Rasta Orchestra. Dubbed “the King of Estonian Blues” by the press, Andres Roots has toured extensively in Europe and topped the Estonian album charts in 2016 with his “Roots Music” LP.

Band Lineup:

  • Mikk Tammepõld – vocals, guitar
  • Andres Roots – guitar
  • Anneli Kadakas – drums

Finland (FI):

Slim Butler

Slim Butler hails from the unfamiliar hot bed of Finland´s blues scene, Rovaniemi, way up north. Slim was born 54 years ago as Jarmo Puhakka in this small Arctic Circle town. Ever since picking up his first guitar at the tender age of 12, he’s been fronting local bands, always leaning towards blues, soul and rock. While Slim is showcasing his talents as a guitarist, he is  also handling vocal duties on stage. Slim’s backing band, The SlimCuts consists of badass, hardcore veterans of Finland’s roots music scene; guitarist Harri Raudaskoski, drummer Jartsa Karvonen and Mikko Löytty on bass. Slim Butler has released two seriously hip-sounding albums: Slim Butler’s Inner Blues and Bad Intention, respectively. Debut album Inner Blues (2012) was produced by Gentle Giant of The Blues, guitarist and producer Otis Grand from UK. Slim’s equally acclaimed, self-produced sophomore set Bad Intention was released in 2016. Both albums include an impressive collection of original songs from this guitar slinger. Breaking new ground sonically with styles ranging from blues, soul, funk to a Hendrixian vibe, Slim Butler has raised some hell and interest among blues communities all over.

Band Lineup

  • Jarmo “Slim” Puhakka: guitar, vocals
  • Harri Raudaskoski: guitar
  • Jartsa Karvonen: drums
  • Mikko Löytty: bass

France (FR):

Kathy Boyé & The DTG Gang

A Blues Universe with a Soul touch. A groovy blues sung with soul by Kathy Boyé and picked up without compromise by her musicians. If her musical tastes attract her towards music like the blues / gospel and soul, she hasn’t forgotten her roots and likes to compose in English and in her mother tongue. She has been sharing the stage with her “heartfelt”! group Mister Tchang, on guitar, Daniel TBone Stec on  the organ, Pascal Celma on bass guitar, and Fabien Tournier on the drums. For many years, sharing the stages where Blues, soul, and rhythm & blues intersect so naturally, defies any attempt at labeling. For her, music is absolute Emotion, Sincerity and Colors… Very visceral, a deep voice and sometimes the harmonica supported by all the DTG Gang ! This concert alternate deep soulful songs and rock blues electric songs, managed by the indomitable Mister Tchang. Two hours, where you will sing, shout, dance, you will be taken and transported in the South of the United States, where Kathy stayed for a long time.

Band Lineup:

  • Kathy Boyé  Vocals – Harmonica
  • Mister Tchang  Guitar – Vocals – Back up vocals
  • Daniel TBone Stec  Keyboard – Organ – Back up vocals
  • Pascal Celma Bass – Back up vocals
  • Fabien Tournier   Drums – Back up vocals

Germany (DE):

Greyhound’s Washboard Band

Greyhound´s Washboard Band is a German-based trio that uses musical instruments from the past including resonator guitars, washboard and a one hundred year old bass drum to create their own roots-influenced blues sound. The band’s repertoire consists mostly of their original blues songs, from autobiographical to bitingly topical, but of course they can play all those classic tunes from the Delta! Their performing style has a back-porch intimacy that draws you in and a driving energy that makes you want to dance all night. Greyhound George’s mastery of the Delta slide guitar is matched by his delicate Piedmont picking. Andy Grünert’s harmonica licks accentuate the authentic old-time feel of Greyhound’s guitar work. Washboard Wolf lays down the rhythm on a unique “groove machine” consisting of vintage washboard, bass drum and many more little things that he found along the road…

Band Lineup:

  • Greyhound George, vocals guitar
  • Washboard Wolf, washboard, percussion
  • Andy Grünert, harmonica, vocals

Hungary (HU):

SoulFool Band

At the end of 2013 Attila Suba, a Hungarian blues singer founded the “SoulFool” band. They charm their audience with an energetic, unique and dynamic style, rooted in New Orleans. In their own songs they are mixing the blues, the soul and the gospel with a groovy feeling, the vibes of love and life joy. It is still a young group but in the past year they played over 150 club concerts and dozens of festivals in Hungary and across Europe and Asia.

Click here below to listen to a music sample:

Band Lineup

  • Attila Suba – vocal
  • Mate Hebenstreit – keyboard
  • Bence Taborszky – trump
  • Balázs Raboczki – saxophone
  • Zsolt Krecsmáry – drums
  • Erik Heller – bass

Italy (IT):

Don Leone

Don Leone is a blues duo raised in 2016 down in south west Sardinia. Donato Cherchi and Matteo Leone bring their experiences in a raw blues project with a voice, a guitar and a vintage suitcase. Don Leone played in some important blues festivals like Narcao Blues, Rocce Rosse, Mojo Station Blues Festival. They won the Italian Blues Challenge 2017. Their EP called “Welcome To South West” is sold out and they are writing their first LP.

Band Lineup:

  • Donato Cherchi: vocals
  • Matteo Leone: guitar / kick / charleston / vocals


The Heritage Blues Company

In 2006, Marco (bass) and Mario (guitar) set up The Heritage Blues Company (THBC), named after the Heritage guitar Mario was playing at the time. They play their first gigs in small local bars. Mario, an excellent versatile guitar player, is at this time more or less surrounded by beginners. From there, the band’s line-up keeps evolving continuously. In 2008, Rob, a proven blues drummer, boosts the band. Energetic and radiant vocalist Chantal joins in 2013. Her powerful voice soon makes her the front woman of The Heritage Blues Company. The band moves on and keeps on rolling through numerous concerts, from smaller venues to larger events and festivals. With it’s particular blues-rock touch, THBC plays the most diverse forms of the blues, grooving from boogie to funk. In 2016, Christian, an experienced blues and boogie pianist, completes the line-up.

Band Lineup

  • Chantal Gottschalk, vocals
  • Mario Jung, guitar / vocals
  • Christian Ries, keybord / vocals
  • Marco Schwickerath, bass
  • Rob Schauls, drums / vocals

Netherlands (NL):

The Ragtime Rumours 

Think of Pokey Lafarge and Tom Waits visiting Django Reinhard, drinking a big mug of coffee while listening to Robert Johnson.  Renewing old-school swing from The Netherlands, soaked with blues/roots and (gypsy-)jazz, played with a rock ’n roll attitude. This results in the well received EP, “Ain’t Nobody”, The single and video “Love & Lust” winning the BRUL-Contest, the Dutch Blues Challenge, a lot of gigs in The Netherlands and tours in Norway, Italy and England. At the moment they’re working on their first full length album that’ll be released upcoming spring 2018, meanwhile their new material is only to be heard during concerts and their EP “Ain’t Nobody” is still available.  The band is also on Spotify and You-tube.

Band Lineup:

  • Tom Janssen, acoustic guitar / banjo / lead-vocals Niki van der Schuren, upright-bass / vocals / flute / baritone saxophone
  • Sjaak Korsten, drums / kazoo / vocals
  • Thimo Gijezen, electric guitar /accordion / piano / vocals

Norway (NO):

Joakim Tinderholt and His Band

The band was formed in Oslo, January ’05 by members from the well renowned Muddy Waters Blues Clubs house band, in addition to Tinderholt himself. Since then the band has done numerous, successful gigs at clubs and festivals all over Norway. Some of the highlights include Notodden Blues Festival, Dark Season Blues Festival, Color Blues Festival and tours of Poland and Russia. Despite his tender age, powerhouse RnB and Blues singer and guitarist Joakim Tinderholt is already an experienced entertainer, and a force to be reckoned with for years to come. He has been fortunate enough to perform with artists such as Rick Holmstrom, Mitch Kashmar, Kirk Fletcher, Kid Ramos and The Mannish Boys among others. Bill Troiani (bass) and Alexander Pettersen (drums) add just the right groove and swing to the band. They have played together for countless hours, as a backing band for both domestic and international artists.

Band Lineup:

  • Joakim Tinderholt, lead vocals, lead guitar
  • William “Bill” Troiani, upright bass and back-up vocals
  • Håkon Høye, rhythm guitar, baritone guitar, lead guitar and back-up vocals
  • Robert Alexander Pettersen, drums and percussion
  • Kjell Magne Lauritzen, piano

Poland: (PO):

Krakóv Street Band

Kraków Street Band is a formation which is becoming the city’s new musical highlight for visitors from Poland and abroad. Nine professional musicians, each one member of many different bands and projects, gather on sunny days to perform on Cracow’s main square. Their performances burst with positive energy and everyone can see that their main motivation is the joy of playing together, while the coins falling into the guitar case are only a nice addition. In the first half of 2014, the band has rushed into popularity across the whole country. First, the successful crowdfunding campaign for their debut album, finished with 170% of the planned amount. Then, the band got to the finals of “Must Be The Music”, a talent show with millions of viewers, with excellent opinions from the jury in all stages. Finally, Kraków Street Band represented Poland in Haizetara, a great street music festival organised in the Basque country. In 2015 they released their second, exceptional album recorded in Radio Kraków “Dedicated To Jerzy Wójcik”, honouring the memory of Poland’s first bluegrass musician. Songs from the repertoire of Little Ole Opry, Wójcik’s band, were recorded in new versions by Kraków Street Band with Krystyna Święcicka-Wójcik and guests. In the annual survey of Poland most renowned blues magazine “Twój Blues” Kraków Street Band won “Discovery of the year” 2014 and “Band of the year” 2015. They have played in international festivals like Haizetara (Spain), Uldum Street Music Festival (Denmark), Eutin Bluesfest (Germany), Veszprémi Utcazene (Hungary), Ferrara Buskers Festival (Italy), Sziget (Hungary), Jazzfest Gronau (Germany) or Viz, Zene, Virag Fesztival (Hungary).

Band Lineup:

  • Łukasz Wiśniewski, vocal, harmonica, ukulele
  • Piotr Grząślewicz, banjo
  • Tomek Kruk, dobro guitar
  • Adam Partyka, drums
  • Szymon Klekowicki, trombone
  • Wojtek Szela, trumpet
  • Miłosz Skwirut, double bass
  • Tomasz Drabik, saxophone
  • Marcin Hilarowicz, guitar


Vitor Bacalhau

Born and raised in the deep south of Portugal, Vítor Bacalhau has dedicated his whole life to playing music. He is now fronting his own power trio, and has ahead of him a promising career as a Blues/Rock singer, guitarist and songwriter. In the last few years Vítor has released an EP and two full length albums, to great critical acclaim, from the press, audiences and his music peers. As a hard working full time musician he’s had a busy schedule touring, both in Portugal and abroad, playing in front of all sorts of audiences, from Blues fests, to clubs, always delivering passionate performances. Influences come from everywhere – from the early Blues of the delta, to big & loud Rock ‘n Roll – and are all channelled into the group’s music in a new and refreshing way. Deep grooves, killer playing and moving power is what you can expect from the group’s music! – “A real asset to the European blues scene.” – “Vitor Bacalhau is a blues artist to the T.”

Band Lineup:

  • Vítor Bacalhau – Guitar and Vocals
  • Luís Trindade – Bass and Backing Vocals
  • João Ventura – Drums



Raw, strong and bold – these are the words that characterize the Romanian-Serbian trio, with roots in a little Serbian town, named Kladovo, situated at the shore of the Danube, but whose soul wanders around the American grounds, where the blues was born. Although the influences are obvious, AXiS gives the meaning of blues a new perspective – somehow like a wolf in sheep’s clothing – that gives the trio an unique flair on the current Romanian music market. The band recorded its first album around fall 2016 in a Boehme studio located in Belgrade’s suburbs. Being recorded live, with only small retouches, the band’s debut album is designed to express the primordial, scorching and direct sound that takes birth when the band members put their imagination together.

Band Lineup:

  • Silviu Dan Iliescu – guitar/vocals;
  • Dejan Kotarcic – bass;
  • Ranko Varga – drums;

Slovakia (SK):

Kiero Grande

Kiero Grande from Slovakia formed back in 2006 under a different name and after minor changes in 2013 it evolved to be the band it is today. Their style ranges from sixties style electric blues to a more psychedelic, or let´s say progressive twist on the genre. The bands influences include Hendrix, Johnny Winter or Kamchatka from Sweden, just to name a few but they also like to add little hints from different ethnic musical styles. “Unorthodox” is the name of their first full-length self-released album from 2016. The name reflects the bands attitude towards blues, while still respecting the roots.  Have a taste and testify!

Band Lineup:

  • Adrian “Ady” Kelemen, guitar/vocals
  • Róbert Gajdošík, bass
  • Vojtech Száraz, drums

Spain (ES):

Johnny Big Stone & The Blues Workers

Johnny Big Stone & the Blues Workers is a trio of blues at its finest. Combining west coast, jump blues, and traditional blues, this band and its varied repertoire create an authentic blues experience. “Jumpin & Dodgin” is the first album with eleven own composition songs recorded in 2013. In spring 2015 they present the cool “Move On” an album with thirteen tracks, nine of them own compositions. In 2016 they released their third album “Juke Joint Sessions Vol.1”, a collection of old blues jewels with touches of west coast jazz and swing where, unlike to the two previous albums, they did versions of great musicians like Ray Charles, Tiny Grimes, Howlin’ Wolf, Bill Doggett and T-Bone Walker. This compilation of nine songs was recorded in June 2016 in a rehearsal room with just two mics and two tracks revox, to recreate the real 50’s sound.

Band Lineup:

  • Johnny “Big Stone”, guitar, vocals
  • Little Jordi, upright bass, harmonica
  • Reginald vilardell, drums

Sweden (SE):

Julia & The Basement Tapes

Julia & The Basement Tapes is an award winning young and innovative Swedish blues band. Since 2013 they’ve made a success with their unique sound and hungry attitude.  In late 2015 they released their second EP ”The Dues” and following year the acoustic version of the EP. In the fall of 2017 the band entered in the prestigious competition “Swedish Blues Challenge” and won first price. The band is currently doing shows all around Europe and are working on the recordings of their first full length album.

Band Lineup:

  • Julia-Lotta Tinglöf, – vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion
  • Johan Borgh – guitar, backing vocals
  • Richard Hamilton – keyboard, backing vocals
  • Samuel Söderberg – bass, backing vocals
  • Johannes Sidenqvist – drums, backing vocals

Switzerland (CH):

Amaury Faivre Duo

Amaury Faivre Duo is a folk-blues acoustic band and the ten years old musical complicity of Amaury Faivre and Yves Staubitz.  Amaury Faivre is a singer, a guitarist, and, above all, a brilliant harmonica player. Yves Staubitz, very powerful and precise guitar player, handles both groove and harmony by himself, offering Amaury the freedom to fly above it. At a crossroads between jazz, folk and pop, their blues inspired music is very sensitive and intimate. They play with a real acoustic and sincere feel, in the lead of Keb’ Mo or John Mayer. Remarkable improvisers, they are simultaneously the blues emotion, the jazz freedom and the punk energy.

Band Lineup:

  • Amaury Faivre, vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar
  • Yves Staubitz, acoustic guitar

United Kingdom (UK):

LaVendore Rogue

What’s the meaning of LaVendore Rogue? The answer is simple… no one knows. However, this bunch of Rogues has made a name and general nuisance of themselves since 2013 during which time, audiences have grown to love (or hate) their raucous blend of Blues inspired Rock ‘n Roll.  Consisting of JoJo Burgess on vocals, Joel Fisk on guitar and Stephen “Cupsey” Cutmore on drums; who’ve played together for over 10 years. The band is complemented by Warren Lynn on Hammond Organ, and James Payze on bass. Following their 2013 debut EP, “What’s The Meaning Of LaVendore Rogue?”, 2015’s full length studio album “Light Up With” was released, and the band are currently touring their 2017 release; the raw live album “A Night in The North”. Whatever happens next, watch out and expect attitude, swagger and downright depravity wherever these Rogues go!

Band Lineup:

  • JoJo Burgess – vocals
  • Joel Fisk – guitar/vocals
  • James Payze – bass/vocals
  • Warren Lynn – keyboards
  • Stephen “Cupsey” Cutmore – drums