As an Active member of the EBU, you have this opportunity to submit nominations in any or all of the following three categories: –         Media (magazines, on-line media, photographers, radio, researchers, writers…) –         Promotion (clubs, events, festivals, dedicated volunteer people, non-profit organisations…) –         Production (agents, labels, managers, producers, publishers…) It is now over to you – This is an invitation to you to nominate someone for a BBS Award in recognition of the amazing things he/she has done for the blues community in Europe. Your nominations do have an impact and will help the EBU Board to distinguish the most suitable people deserving this acknowledgement. This is also a great opportunity as Active member of the EBU to be involved in the activities of the EBU. These are the basic rules for nominations:
  • Each Active Member may propose one nominee in each of the categories; It is not necessary to nominate in all categories.
  • You cannot propose yourself or the Association / Company / Organisation that you represent.
  • Nominees do not have to be EBU members
  • Nominees should have European nationality.
  • Any association or organisation nominated must be based in and conduct their activities primarily in Europe.
  • Nominees do not have to be from the nominator’s own country
  • Previous recipients of a BBS Award are not eligible to be nominated again for a BBS Award.
  • Exceptionally, in very special circumstances and at the sole discretion of the EBU Board, a candidate from a non-European country may be considered.
  The closing date for nominations is CET midnight of 27 November 20223. Please fill this form to proceed:
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