Horsens is a danish city in eastern Jutland. The city’s population is nearly 60.000, and it is a part of the East Jutland metropolitan area, which has 1.2 millions inhabitants.

The city’s railway station has direct connections to both Hamburg in Germany and Copenhagen/Kastrup airport.

Billund Airport is only a 40 minutes drive away.

The city took its name from ”horse” because the area was known for horse fairs in the Middle Ages. Therefore the city’s seal shows a horse by a tree on a red background.

Later, in the beginning of the 20th century, the city was industrialized, and both industry machinery, textiles, bicycles, radios, television sets and tobacco were produced in Horsens. The city was then known for its industry and – less favorably – its giant state prison situated on the highest hill.

Today the criminals have left the prison, and the buildings now house cultural events such as concerts and festivals. Most of the old industries are now closed and replaced by modern technology industries, and the city’s old reputation as a place for workers and criminals is replaced by the perception of Horsens as a city of cultural events. Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Paul McCartney, Metallica, Robbie Williams, Elton John, Bryan Ferry, Joe Cocker, David Bowie, AC/DC, R.E.M., U2, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Jones are among the stars who have performed in Horsens in recent years. Rammstein has announced their arrival in the summer of 2017.

The city center is characterized by small shops, cafes and green breathing spaces. Buskers and bands will undoubtedly shape the city’s outdoor atmosphere during the EBC 2017.

The main EBC event will be held at Forum Horsens.

The Blues Market and the General Assembly will take place in a unique historical setting at the former prison, FAEngslet.

Various other music and cultural events will be enjoyed at Kubben in the main pedestrian street of Horsens.