All of the events will take place at the luxury 5* Scandic Hell hotel, with a meager five-minute walk from the Trodheim airport. So no hassle whatsoever to move from one location to another during the EBC weekend. Special rates will be offered to EBU members.

The administrative centre of the municipality is the town of Stjørdal (also called Stjørdalshalsen) with a population of 25.000. It is a cosy small town with shops, restaurants, pubs, bars and also the region’s biggest shopping centre. The village of Hell is only 3 km from Stjørdal. Hell is specifically known for its train station, Hell Station, where you can find an old sign stating, in Norwegian, “Gods Expedition” (meaning “Cargo handling”). The history of Stjørdal–Hell goes all the way back to the “Viking” times, more than 1000 years ago. The old town church was built around 1100. Stjørdal is also the location of the Steinvikholm Castle, the residence of Norway’s last Catholic arch bishop, Olav Engelbrektsson. The castle is located on the Skatval peninsula, only 8 km away from the town centre. The Hegra Fortress is located in the central part of the municipality. It was used as a defence against the Swedish army in past history and, later, the fortress was in use during World War II.