A new video premiere from Tibo Degraeuwe,  a French director and video maker, that in the past year has been working on a documentary of Bernard Allison.
In parallel with this project, ha has long wanted to make a music video for his favorite song from Bernard’s repertoire: “I’ve Learned My Lesson”, song from the album “Higher Power” and released under the Ruf Records in 2004.
And from this idea he made a videoclip (pure fiction) in which he tells a story, inspired by the song (it does not reflect Bernard or his family). For Tibo it is above all an ode to the blues and to the artists who bring this music to life.
He’s very proud that Bernard Allison has approved this project, which is now part of these official clips !
The first broadcast of the clip will be on Thursday, September 14 2023 at 7 p.m. (French time), on the Ti and Bo YouTube channel :

Good viewing to all !!!



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