Invited by Boris Totev from the Bulgarian Blues Association, French bluesman CadiJo performed in Sofia at the Delta Blues Bar, accompanied by local musicians, on Saturday, November 17th.
As soon as he arrived at the airport, Georgi Dimov, the boss of the Delta Blues Bar welcomed him and during the whole stay, everybody took care of CadiJo with a rare and friendly hospitality. On Friday night, with Boris, they went to a jazz jam at the Jazz Bar. The musicians there had a breathtaking level. Be-bop, swing, Cuban jazz, etc., everything has passed with brilliance, panache, emotion and virtuosity. CadiJo played with them Alligator Bogaloo by Lou Donaldson and it was a real treat.
A big thank to Denis Apov (acoustic guitar) for the acoustic part particularly appreciated by the public. All CadiJo gratitude for Miroslav (electric guitar), Axel Yordanov (drums) and Youlian Traykov (bass) for the electric set, which they have mastered and energized the public as it should. His blues in French have received an attentive and warm thanks to these musicians who, not knowing him the day before, knew how to carry my repertoire to the height of his artistic requirement. That’s the blues!
CadiJo thanks also go to Georgi Dimov for his welcome in this very nice place that is the Delta Blues Bar and of course to Boris Totev for his availability of all times and the organization of this event, which also allowed to meet with Hungarian harmonica player Andras Kohalmi and other musicians and participants in the jam that followed.


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