The final of the third Swiss Blues Challenge 2013 was hosted by «The Vallemaggia Magic Blues Festival » and took place at August, 9th on the piazza of the picturesque village Avegno in the Maggia valley. Four bands have qualified for the final. One band had to withdraw at very short notice, hence only 3 bands where performing:

Max Dega Band
Max Dega (g, voc)
Aldo Banfi (kb)
Marco Lehnherr (har, voc)
Peo Mazza (perc)
Roby Panzeri (dr)

The Charlie Morris Band
Charlie Morris (g, voc)
Markus Baumer (kb)
Yvan Rougny (b)
Marco Jeanrenaud (dr)

The Bacon Fats
Jan Hartmann (har, voc)
«Sleepy» Eddie James (g, voc)
Tobias Wirz (b)
Lukas Meier (dr)

The Bands were scored in five categories: Blues Content, Voice, Talent, Originality and Stage Presence. The categories were then weighted differently, the category Blues Content being the most important. The jury consisted of 10 members: musicians, blues journalists, festival organizers, music agents and other blues professionals. They awarded The Bacon Fats winner of the contest 2013. They will represent Switzerland on the upcoming European Blues Challenge 2014 in Riga. Congratulations!




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