By air

The easiest way to get here is by Copenhagen Airport. From there you take the shuttle train directly to Malmö. It takes about 15 minutes. You could be requested to show your passport on the train.

By train

There are several train stations in Malmö. The best way to reach the venue, coming from the airport, is the first stop after the bridge, the Hyllie Station. From there you take the bus going north, no. 6 (to Södertorp and walk 500 meters west) or no 8 (to Hålsjögatan and walk 500 meter east) … or simply grab a cab. It’s a 5 minutes drive.

If you want to reach the more central parts of the city you just continue by train to Triangeln Station or the Central Station. It’s easy to reach the venue from Triangeln by the same buses, 6 or 8 and from the Central Station, no. 8, going south.

By car

Arriving by car over the bridge you continue on E20 to the second exit named ‘Petersborg’ (exit no. 12) and go for ‘Malmö C’ in northern direction. Drive until the high way ends and turn left. You should now be on the ‘Stadiongatan’. You will pass two crossings before reaching the Good Morning Hotel and the Baltic Hall on the right side.

Domestic visitors arriving by car go for the Outer Ring (E6) in direction Copenhagen and follow the same description as above. You will reach the no. 12 ‘Petersborg’ exit from the east.


For participating artists we will bring additional information.

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